My Books

So far, I have written one novel and one short story for kids; both are available on Amazon.

The novel is a Christian Historical Romance.

My heroes are of a different breed, as is my storytelling style.  Simply put, I wrote the story that I personally wanted to read.  I hope you like it.

It starts out introducing us to Korigan Lacey.  You could say she is the main character as her story is told in the first person POV.  The other heroine is Corianne Kelly.  Her story is told first through a diary, and then in the third person POV.  This book does not jump around very much between story plots, as the author is not overly fond of that storytelling technique.  There are jumps, however.  There are two parallel stories taking place, one in 2008 and the other one takes place in the 1850s.  A third story is inserted into the middle for chronological comprehension’s sake.

Take a look at my book on  Dear Tiz



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