Mailing List

Would you care to sign up for my mailing list?

Please send me an email to:
news at
(no spaces and change at to the at sign).

The idea for a mailing list is just to let you know when I publish a new book; or if I am offering a promotion or free day for my books only.

I don’t intend to send my blog posts, promotions for anyone else’s books, or anything else via email.  WordPress can email you my blog posts if you so wish, and promotions for any other author’s books, you will find on my Facebook page.

I know that Amazon now has a service (if you sign up for it) that is suppose to alert you when an author publishes a new book.  However, people are saying that it is not very reliable.  So, I am taking David Gaughran’s advice and making my own mailing list to alert readers to a new book or promotional offering.


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