The Purpose

This is a continuation of thought from the first two paragraphs of the post that I wrote yesterday.  If you missed reading that one, titled Cats or Dogs?; you can find it here.

Ravi Zacharias spoke live last night at John Hopkins University.  By the time I found out about it, it had been over for several hours, however I was able to catch it on YouTube.    He spoke for over an hour on “The Question of Suffering and the Goodness of God.”  I highly recommend watching it.  Afterwards there was a Q&A session which went for about 45 minutes.

In answer to one young man’s question, Ravi spoke of when he was 19 and almost committed suicide.  As he lay in the hospital bed, a man came into the room and gave him a Bible and indicated that Ravi should read a portion of John 14:19, “…because I live, you also shall live.” Which his mother then read to him from the newly acquired Bible.  This changed Ravi’s life completely.

Last year, Ravi had an opportunity to speak again with the man who gave him the Bible.  The man told him that he felt that he had been brought into this life with the sole purpose of giving Ravi the Bible that day.  This touched Ravi to the core; to the point that he admitted he had shed tears.  However, Ravi was horrified that the man thought that this had been his only purpose in life.  Of course, it would be hard to be on Ravi’s end of that.  To think that God might send someone into this world with the sole purpose to give you a Bible on a particular day; well, it actually is pretty incredible.   But then you look at what Ravi has done with his life and the more you look at him and listen to him, the more credible it becomes. 

In the Bible, we know of many people who were born for one purpose. The most obvious, of course, is Mary.  Her main and maybe even sole purpose on this earth was to give birth to the Messiah.  Even Ravi would admit that this is the case.  His problem in accepting that God could put one man on this earth with the sole purpose of handing him a Bible at the right time, stems from his own sense of unimportance.  Ravi would readily agree that Jesus is worthy of someone to be born with the sole purpose to give birth to Him.  Yet, Ravi does not consider himself that important.  However, the people who listen to his messages are that important.  The ministry that Ravi has is that important.

Growing up in a large ministry family, I was always waiting for my “calling” into the ministry.  It never happened.  In anguish, thinking that I was “left out” or had somehow screwed things up to the point that God had rejected me for service; I cried out to God for an answer to the question that I had been asking myself, since I had first learned to speak.  “What am I supposed to do with my life?”  God didn’t answer me right away; in fact it took many years. 

After I gave birth to my third son, He finally answered me. 

“Your job is to be the best mother that you can be.” 

This was a confirmation of what I had felt in my spirit all along.  The problem was that I thought that wasn’t enough.  Not compared to what my brothers, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents had done with their lives.

“Yes, but what is my ministry?” I continued to ask.

“That IS your ministry,” came the response, loud and clear.

Then it hit me.  If it was enough for Mary, why couldn’t it be enough for me?  Did I think myself more important than her?  NO!  Especially, not when I thought about it in that light.

So, to follow up with the two paragraphs from my previous post; I already know the purpose of my life.  Anything else that happens in my life, apart from being a mother, is a bonus.

One last thought on this subject.  I believe that God makes use of all of His resources to bring help and salvation to those whose hearts are able to receive it.  My main purpose is to be the best mother that I can be, that is true.  He might, however, at any given time, use me to bless another. That would be a secondary purpose, however not to be considered trivial.


Cats or Dogs?

I harbor no illusions about becoming a very well-known author, or that people will flock to my blog.  The reason I know this, is because I don’t like playing by the rules that society or industry sets.  I don’t like to be put into a box, not the “Author’s Box” or the “Bloggist’s Box” and told what I must and must not do, think or say.

So, isn’t it disheartening when no one buys my book or visits my website?  I suppose, but that is preferrable to receiving hateful feedback.  Besides, that is not really why I am doing this writing thing.  I know that putting something out into the internet is kind of like whistling in the dark.  I also, know that writing is therapeutic for me.  Am I talking to myself?  If so, then I might be tempted to overshare, I mean if no one but me is going to read it anyway.  Right?  However, the very fact that someone, even one person might read this makes me try at least, to be somewhat interesting and maybe even coherent.  As opposed to just writing in a personal journal.


My father is a dog lover.  Growing up as an only child was made easier for him because he had a dog to keep him company.  As I grew up, I always wondered if my dad liked dogs more than people.  I, however, always preferred cats; and so I was surprised to overhear my dad’s conversation with someone; I can’t remember who it was, but I think it was a guy.

Guy, “I don’t like cats.  I prefer dogs.”

Dad, “The thing you gotta remember about cats, is that they are not dogs.”

My father is a pretty smart guy. No, really; he is. I guess wisdom comes with experience, but I tend to believe that my father was smart since the day he was born; however, I am sure that it took him some time to warm up to cats.  Maybe from living with me and having to deal with all of my cats (when I was 12, I had 24 of them).  Somehow, he learned to appreciate and even love cats, well some cats, maybe not as much as dogs and certainly not instead of dogs; but I truly believe that my father has learned to love cats.  It’s just a different kind of relationship.  You can’t have the same kind of relationship with your cat as you do with a dog.  You can’t have the same expectations from a cat as you do with your dog.  Cats satisfy different needs in their owners and they in turn have different needs from those of a dog.

Personally, I think I am both cat and dog lover; because like my father, I have learned to appreciate both types of animals.  I have to admit that in a small apartment it is much less hassle to have a cat, though.  On a farm, I say let’s have both and maybe some cows and horses, too.

As a reader, I have always felt that the questions, “What is your favorite genre?  Or which is your favorite author?” were kind of the same as the question, “Are you a cat person or a dog person?”.  The questions never seem to grasp the fact that there is no answer possible.  At least not for a thinking and feeling person.  You love each differently, with a different part of your brain and heart.  This is no either/or, there is only love or dislike.  I don’t love all cats, even though I am a cat person.  My father doesn’t like all dogs, even though he is a dog person.  I don’t like every single book by any particular author.  I love some of my favorite authors’ books and MEH others.  I probably like at least one book in each genre, well at least the most commonly known ones.

The thing about most readers, is that if you are reading for the mystery or suspense, maybe you won’t appreciate a little romance thrown into the mix.  However, if you are reading romance, you don’t usually mind a little suspense or drama thrown in.   I think romance readers are more versatile and open to new plots.  As long as there is a good romance thrown in, we pretty much will read any genre out there.   Well, some of us anyway.  I like books that mix everything together, as long as the romance is clean and there is no stupid misunderstandings or one person is keeping a secret from their love interest (that I can’t stand).  I love when the conflict is outside of the relationship and the couple has to work together to overcome it.  In fact, I find that many times suspense or mystery can be quite good for romance.