Cover Design by 99


I absolutely love this cover, but I haven’t read the book.

I have to admit that I do judge a book by its cover.  In fact, I am very intrigued by some covers, even if I have no interest in the subject of the book.  A few of the best covers I have ever seen are on books that I will probably never read.    I am also extremely turned off by other covers, even when I probably would be interested in the story.

One thing I have found enlightening is that men and women view covers differently.   My mother commissioned the cover of her book to be designed professionally, and we both almost fainted when we saw that he had made the background all black with white lettering and not a single picture.  A very definitely masculine and might I say “boring” cover.  My son who was 7 at the time could have done better.  Needless to say, she was not happy.  She had to work with him for months and had to veto several designs before she finally got one that she could be comfortable with; it was not cheap.

When I was designing the cover for my book Dear Tiz, my sons hated it.  However, when I showed it to all of my female friends they liked it.  I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a title for my book and one of the titles I was considering was “The Manor House”.  That is why I really wanted a picture of the Manor House to be on the cover.  I had to commission it to be drawn for me, but it was worth it.  Later when I decided to go with “Dear Tiz” as the title, I still wanted the house on the cover.  I think the cover represents my book very well.  Sure it is a romance, but it has other themes as well.  Anyway, I like it.  It also says “different” which is something I am wanting to convey at the onset.

Recently, I found this website where authors ask for a book cover and get several designers competing to give you the design that you like best.  It is a little out of my price range, but I find it intriguing to go through and look at the different designs and then see which one they ended up choosing.  I find that I don’t always agree with the final choice.  First let me show you the ones that I do agree with, and then the ones I don’t.

I am sure that Mark Myers chose the cover that best fit his book.  #26 is nice, but it screams non-fiction autobiography.  My personal favorite is #22, even though I am sure it doesn’t fit the story as well.  In #39 (the winning design), the street lamp gives it a Narnia feel as well as historical.

In this one, Natalie P. Kennerly chooses the best one.  I have to say that I really like the drawing of the people on the winning design best.

Here, Jay W Curry also chooses the best one.  I think I might even be interested in reading this book, if I can find out where they are selling it.

Although, I agree with this final choice, I wish they could have kept the greenery of the island in the other option.  However, that was from a different designer, so that wasn’t possible.

Now lets look at some covers where I don’t agree on the final choice.  Of course, the author knows better what will best suit their book.  This is just my personal opinion.

Here there are quite a lot of completely different designs for the same title.  I would have preferred #81

I really don’t like this final choice.  The only one of these designs that I like is #56.  I like it so much in fact, that I would like to write a book just so that I could use that design.  Different title, of course.

As you can tell, I really like paging through this website and getting ideas.

Here is one where the author submitted a picture that was to be used in the design.  It is interesting to see what all can be done to make it look different, yet using the same picture.  I agree with the author’s final choice on this one, but I don’t think I would like to read the book.  I don’t have enough time to spend reading books that aren’t in my genre.  I could get it and give it as a present to my brother, though.  If my brother wrote a book, which he might do some day, it would be like this one.


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