The Ideal Floor Plan


Mostly I daydream about stuff – new story ideas, floor plans for the perfect house, stuff like that.  My idea of the perfect floor plan keeps changing though.  When my husband and I were newlyweds, we could pretty much live in the back of a pickup truck.  The floor plan of a house is very important when you begin to have babies, and one size definitely does not fit all.  Some parents want their baby in the same room, some want a room next door, and some want their baby on the other side of the house, separated by several floors.  Ok, so I have only known that last one to happen in a novel, but you get the idea.  Different parents have different needs.  Then the babies begin to grow and you find that the “ideal” floor plan is no longer ideal for your needs.  This happens much faster than a person can plan for, not to mention that I have never had an ideal floor plan in my life.

Now that my needs are different, yet again; I  haven’t been able to decide if I would rather live in a minimalistic type house, and then the setting of said house is all important.  Or maybe, I want an all-inclusive house, in which case I would never have to leave said house.  Yeah, there is a lot of the hermit in me.

The attraction of an all-inclusive house is when a person is forever living in less than desired living conditions, always having to make-do.  A person begins to fantasize about the ideal living conditions, what do you really want in a house.  I guess if we are succumbing to flights of fancy then I would like a big Victorian type mansion.  I know I am not the only romance reader or writer who wishes for one.  I think one can almost assume that if you read or write romance novels, you will like big Victorian houses.  However, I prefer my houses made out of stone and I think most of the Victorian houses in the US are made out of wood.  I have to laugh at myself, “my houses” as if I had several when in reality I own none.

That being said, I do like simplicity versus huge houses.  In fiction novels, a writer can always give the house as many servants as is required for the hugeness of the house.  In real life, this becomes harder.  I think the ideal situation would be to own a huge house and rent it out to someone who can afford it, yet because I own it I could use it if I need to at any time.  Instead I would live permanently in a very small house, maybe not quite as rundown as the one in the above photo, but you can’t beat the scenery.

As a mother of 3 small children, I have always needed more space and as they grew up and turned into 3 huge young men, even more space was needed.   I say to myself that I would rather live in a very small house, but reality is such that it will never happen.  Even though only one of my sons is still a teenager, eventually I will probably have grandchildren who will want to come and visit and yet again I will need a bigger house.  However, the idea of cabins like the above photo is really quite attractive. I think it would be wonderful if each of my sons can have their own cabin when they come to visit me.

Below is a picture of the cabins we stayed in when we went to Narvik, Norway.  These were nice.  Each one had a kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom and two bedrooms.



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