Quiet Spot


This is just the kind of place I would like to own.  Sure, I would also like to vacation there, but I would rather own it.  I don’t know who the artist is, but this is a wonderful drawing.  If anyone knows, please let me know and I will credit them.

I can imagine I am sitting off camera, actually I am taking the picture from where I am sitting, in a comfortable chair that is inducive* to writing.   Instead of having to go home again after my vacation, I could just sit there and ponder and write, or daydream and not write.  Then I could walk over and sit down in one of those chairs, definitely the closest one, and drink a cappuccino.  Or if it gets too cold, I could find a window side table indoors.  Or I could go upstairs to my apartment and sit at my computer, as I gaze out over the river.

Seriously, what more could I possibly want?  Well, maybe something hot and buttery right out of the oven.

*Note:Yes, I know spell check doesn’t like that word and wants to make it inductive, however that word means something completely different than what I want to say.   I like the word inducive, even if technically it is not a word.  Induce is a word, however. The definition is: “influencing someone to do something.”    As in, a doctor can “induce labor”.  So why can’t a specific chair and a specific setting and atmosphere induce you to write? Of course it can, and that is the way you are supposed to use that word, but I still like inducive better.


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