For those of you who have never heard of me, I have recently taken up writing as something to do.  I have a couple of ebooks available on Amazon, and you can learn more about them by clicking on the “My Book” tab on the upper left of this page.  I hope you will stick around and check out some of my posts.

Happy Reading!


Since, I already have a website – http://www.aslauggorbitz.com – I do not plan to duplicate any information.  Whatever I post here will be exclusive to this site and whatever I post on my author website can only be found there.

I will not be posting individual book reviews here, however I might write about a particular book or author who has impacted me in some way.  When I write a book review I will post it on Goodreads.com and on Amazon.com.  However, I would love for you to friend me on Goodreads and like my facebook page.

I have decided to create this wordpress page in order to write about varying subjects whenever the mood hits me.   Such subjects might include a rambling of ideas, or an essay or two.  Most often, I intend to write in a somewhat disjointed fashion, and to treat this page as if I were writing my own magazine; a collection of articles with no underlying purpose or agenda.  This would be similar to a blog if I were to write every day, and if everything I wrote related to one particular theme.  Since I know that neither of those two things will be true, I will not be calling it a blog, per sé.

Every place I turn, I am met with the idea that I “need” a blog in order to connect with people.  I don’t know if that is true, for I have never read a blog written by any of my favorite writers; actually I have never read anybody’s blog other than stumbling across a random article; and I don’t think those were written by authors.  I would much rather read an author’s book, than read their blog; but maybe that is just me. [Note: I need to update this by saying that since I wrote the above I have stumbled upon several author’s blogs and found them to be quite interesting.  Instead of re-writing the above, I have decided to add this note to show my personal growth :)]


I have this theory.  It is that the reason actors were big stars back in the 30’s and 40’s, is because no one knew too much about their personal lives.  In order to be able to fully enjoy the atmosphere of a movie, you need to be able to believe in the actors in that particular role.  I can’t do that if I am too familiar with who they are in real life, or if I have seen them in roles that are too different from the one I am watching.  I think the same might be said for 19th century authors as well, except that most of those authors weren’t even popular during their lifetime.  I think if actors today were given the same level of privacy; if we knew less about them, we might like them better, I might like them better.  I don’t know if that would apply to all authors today.  You might like me better if you knew all about me, but I doubt it.  I would much rather you like my book for my book’s sake, than for you to pretend to like my book because you happen to really like me.

One more thought on today’s actors – if they would “brand” themselves like authors do, I would certainly like them better.  I don’t like actors who play the good guy and then turn around and play the bad guy.  Bela Lugosi would never have been so successful as an actor if he had mixed it up.  Cary Grant and Gary Cooper were great as the good guy.  Today, actors want to be versatile, in reality they just become boringly mediocre as they are neither one thing or the other.  I don’t mind if actors mix it up sometimes playing action or drama or comedy, but I don’t like when an actor who plays a strong honorable character turns around and plays a character with no morals, that is what I mean by playing the bad guy.  This last paragraph should have been put under my “soapbox” category, I suppose.  Oh well.


The exception to my above theory is Jackie Chan.  And this is why I love him so much.  He has made it a policy to refuse to play certain characters as they would not be good role models for children, and he estimates that over 50% of his fans are not adults. Well, I am sure he has a lot of adult fans as well.  I mean who doesn’t love Jackie?  Just look at that face; what’s not to love?


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